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Our Areas


  • HMM International S.A. de C.V.
    Intertrade, S.A. de C.V.

    Centro Comercial Santorini “B” L-1 Km. 9 1/2,
    Autopista a Comalapa San Marcos, San Salvador.

    PBX: (503) 2565-5000

    FAX: (503) 2565-5050

  • HMM de Honduras, S.A.

    Km. 7 Carretera a Lima, Complejo
    Industrial Calpules
    San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

    PBX: (504) 2540-2723

    FAX: (504) 2540-2724

  • HMM de Nicaragua, S.A.

    Zona Franca Astro Nicaragua, Km 47
    Carretera a Masaya, Nave 21C. Tipitapa,
    Managua, Nicaragua.

    PBX: (505) 2295-4877

    FAX: (505) 2295-4943

  • HMM de Guatemala, S.A.

    Zonas Francas Actuales, Zofrasca
    33 Calle 27-01, Zona 12, Bodega 2.
    Guatemala, Guatemala.


Supplies for embroidery, screen printing, Court, sublimation and bonding

El Salvador